I am a consultant for online learning with specific expertise in MOOCs, and my focus is on building practices and processes for online program management.


I have experience managing growing higher education programs that are embedded in rapidly transforming contexts. MOOCs, for example, emerged suddenly into a high-pressure space (straddling academics, PR, advancement, and strategy), demanding new processes for their complex interdependencies. My emphasis in growing such programs has been developing people-centered systems that create operational efficiencies while remaining committedly democratic and agile at heart. Through these experiences I have honed my skills in energizing, persuading, listening, and leading.


My design objective for the processes I create is an enriching and sympathetic project experience for both the organization’s team and the client(s). I am committed to a high-touch approach for client interfacing, and instead harness opportunities for cost- and time-saving on the operational side with streamlined workflows, apps for syndication, and productivity hacks.


I consider my versatility one of my greatest professional strengths. A lifelong learner, I value fresh ideas, creative challenges, interdisciplinary projects, and conversations on the future of learning in our connected world.

Program Manager

I manage programs and projects through every need and stage.

Organizational Strategist

I integrate organizational lessons into broader insights and look for ways to share widely.

Educational Technologist

I create learning experiences that make the most of available technologies.

Content Writer

I consider the interplay of form and function in drafting text for its publication context.

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